Dr. J Burack (McGill) – Development of visual attention during typical and atypical development
Dr. O Collignon (Louven) – Multi-sensory integration during typical and atypical development
Dr. J Faubert (Montréal) – Visuo-attentional development
Dr. C Habak (Emirates College for Advanced Education) – Development of face processing
Dr. G Luk (McGill) – Language in neurodivergent individuals 
Dr. L Mottron (Montréal) – Visual / auditory processing in autism
Dr. D Saint-Amour (UQAM) – Electrophysiological assessment of visual alterations in autism
Dr. R Savage (York) – Behavioural and neural changes after reading interventions
Dr. I Soulières (UQAM) – Perceptual learning in autism
Dr. D Tullo (Northeastern) – Implementation of cognitive training protocols

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